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NORTH CAPE – The end of the world? 

Every year more then 200.000 tourists experience a memorable visit at North Cape.

The North Cape-Plateau is a cliff in the North Cape community.

The 308 meter high cliff rises from the Barentzsee marking the end of the Northern Ice see. They call it the most northern point of Europe but the Knivsjelodden lies 1380 meters more to the north and is actually the northernmost point. In the tourist center you will find exhibitions and a movie about the history of North Cape and the beautiful nature during the four seasons. There’s also the opportunity to see the dancing Northern lights and the Midnight Sun.

Unforgettable moments!!!!

Magerøya Island was connected to the mainland on the 15th of July 1999. The road to North Cape is open for traffic the whole year but will be closed after the first snow fall.
The winter period is from about the 1st of November to the 30th of April. In the winter period the bus will take you up to North Cape. This daily bus ride leaves from Honningsvåg. Be sure to book your ticket the day before at the tourist information/Nordkapp Reiseliv AS on telephone number 0047-78 47 70 30.

On  you will find usefull information about transportation, prises and opening hours. 

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