Nordkapp Safari - activities in a unique environment.

Kirkeporten Camping in co-operation with the Activities organizer Nordkapp Safari offers you adventure activities in summer and winter on land or at see.

Deep sea rafting
Imagne making a tour and looking at the Nordkapp from the Seeside. Of course you will be wearing special clothing on a secured raft and you will be experiencing the see and all it’s elements up close. You can choose to take a short tour in the surrounding aria or take the longer tour up to for instance the Bird island of Gjesværstappan

Diving tours
Past the northernmost part of Magerøya you will find lots of possibilities for some great diving adventures. Diving at the bottom of the North Cape-Plateau or at Europe’s northernmost point of Knivskjelodden will be adventures and exotic. There are many more great diving spots.

Fishing trips
Nordkapp Safari offers you great fishing trips on a traditional fishing boat or on our own boat.

Historic hiking tour
You want to reach the North Cape the old fashioned way? Then the combined boat and hiking tour from Hornvika up to the plateau is recommendable. It’s also possible to make hikingtrips to the old chuchvillages and settlements.

Hiking tour
A round trip hiking tour to the impressive Kirkeporten takes about one hour on easy passable terrain. The tour starts at the Kirkeporten Camping. (Experience the silence while standing in the middle of spectacular mountain formations and take pictures of Norway’s most popular postcard views) 

Looking for a challenge the Knivkjelodden tour is something you want to do. This tour will take you along some varied and reasonable easy passable terrain. Your reward will be a spectacular view at North Cape. The hiking trail is well marked with the red”T”s of the tourist association. You will find the year 2000 monument at the end the spit.


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